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Updates to about page. Closes #21 and #16

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......@@ -50,9 +50,13 @@
Q: <span class="value">'I can't create or fork a repository!</span>,
A: <span class="value">'New users are not allowed to create/fork repos, this is on
A: <span class="value">'New users are allowed to create/fork only one repo, this is on
purpose to stop spammers and uncontrolled growth. Please
contact us if you need halp.'</span>
contact us or fill a support ticket if you need more.'</span>
Q: <span class="value">'Is there a list of public projects?'</span>,
A: <span class="value">'Yes, please check <a href=""></a>'</span>
Q: <span class="value">'Hey, we have a project and it needs hosting'</span>,
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