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move debian dependencies here, move fastcgi and fcgid stuff here too

parent 160af51a
#Trying to sort out depends, see
class sympa::debian {
if $sympa_upstream {
# if the above is set, we depend on all the packages ourselves, otherwise
# we just depend on the sympa package which pulls everything in
package {
# these come from the debian package dependencies, pruned for things
# we already install elsewhere and things we don't need
# this should move to the generic module soon
# some things in here we don't need, but are there for completeness
# in the generic module
# right now we only include libdbd-mysql-perl, we should figure out a
# better way to deal with that
# other dependencies we don't have: mail-transport-agent, apache,
# sysklogd, lsb-base, adduser,
# FIXME: we don't list libmail-dkim-perl since we do dkim in postfix
# so we need to figure out how to deal with that in the shared module
[ libarchive-zip-perl, libcgi-pm-perl, libcrypt-ciphersaber-perl, libdbd-mysql-perl, libfile-copy-recursive-perl, libhtml-format-perl, libhtml-stripscripts-parser-perl, libhtml-tree-perl, libintl-perl, libio-socket-ssl-perl, libio-stringy-perl, libmailtools-perl, libmime-charset-perl, libmime-encwords-perl, libmime-lite-html-perl, libmime-tools-perl, libnet-netmask-perl, libregexp-common-perl, libsoap-lite-perl, libtemplate-perl, libterm-progressbar-perl, libunicode-linebreak-perl, libxml-libxml-perl, mhonarc ]:
ensure => installed;
} else {
package { "sympa": ensure => installed; }
class sympa::fastcgi::debian {
package {
[ libapache2-mod-fastcgi, libcgi-fast-perl ]:
ensure => installed;
class sympa::fcgid::debian {
package {
[ libapache2-mod-fcgid, libfcgi-perl ]:
ensure => installed;
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