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Update README to reflect the current workflow

Workflow being to only work on and use legacy.css for the time
being, until the Sass is fully written and ready to replace the
current CSS.
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The Reddit stylesheet for the /r/Anarchism subreddit.
## Introduction
Hello! Hopefully you are here because you want to help with /r/Anarchism's stylesheets.
You are in the right place.
Here's what you need to know:
## How to Update /r/Anarchism's Stylesheet
0. Make sure your repository is up to date by pulling from remote (`git pull`)
0. Copy the contents of `source/stylesheets/legacy.css` into your clipboard
0. Go to
0. Paste the CSS
0. Preview the changes and make sure you didn't break anything.
0. Save your changes.
You can find images under `source/images`.
We keep all images that have been used by the stylesheet there for reference.
It lets us understand the history of the stylesheet, as well as make reverts possible when an image was deleted.
# Experimental
This section covers how to install and use Sass to write better CSS in the future.
It is not currently how /r/Anarchism's stylesheet is maintained, hence it's only "experimental."
The hope is that someday we can convert the messy subreddit CSS into organized Sass which can then be minified and copy-and-pasted as the subreddit stylesheet.
There is a lot of work before we can get there, though.
## Installation
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