Commit 46ef9aa7 authored by revolutionary-bench's avatar revolutionary-bench
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Add democratic socialist rose in fist and antifascist iron front flairs

parent e00ce432
......@@ -749,6 +749,28 @@ body:before{background-repeat:repeat-x!important}
.flair-red-witch-hat{background-position:0 -450px}
.flair-black-witch-hat{background-position:0 -600px}
.flair-democratic-socialist-hand-rose, .flair-iron-front {
background: url(%%capitalism-v-socialism-spritesheet%%) no-repeat;
.flair-democratic-socialist-hand-rose {
background-position: 0 -200px;
width: 23px !important;
height:30px !important;
top: 11px;
padding: 10px 0 10px 27px;
.flair-democratic-socialist-hand-rose:hover, .flair-iron-front:hover {
padding-left: 27px;
.flair-iron-front {
background-position: 0 -1605px;
width: 23px !important;
height: 23px !important;
top: 8px;
padding: 5px 0 5px 27px;
.res .loggedin .logout a{right:0!important}
/* sidebar images */
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