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......@@ -63,10 +63,10 @@ new identity feature), `www-client/torbrowser` needs to access a control port.
## Tor Hidden Service
A hidden service of this repository is available at [vivmyccb3jdb7yij.onion](http://vivmyccb3jdb7yij.onion/poncho/torbrowser-overlay)
A hidden service of this repository is available at [wmj5kiic7b6kjplpbvwadnht2nh2qnkbnqtcv3dyvpqtz7ssbssftxid.onion](http://wmj5kiic7b6kjplpbvwadnht2nh2qnkbnqtcv3dyvpqtz7ssbssftxid.onion/poncho/torbrowser-overlay)
git -c http.proxy=socks5h:// clone http://vivmyccb3jdb7yij.onion/Poncho/torbrowser-overlay.git
git -c http.proxy=socks5h:// clone http://wmj5kiic7b6kjplpbvwadnht2nh2qnkbnqtcv3dyvpqtz7ssbssftxid.onion/poncho/torbrowser-overlay.git
cd torbrowser-overlay
git config --add remote.origin.proxy "socks5h://"
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