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new post: Montreal's Debian & Stuff - November 2018

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Title: Montreal's Debian & Stuff - November 2018
Tags: debian, montreal
<a href=""><img src="/media/blog/2018-11-01/wet_kitten.jpg" title="Wet Kitten" alt="Wet Kitten" height="30%" width="30%" style="float:right"></a>
November's wet,
My socks are too,
Away from keyboard; still on the net,
Let's fix /usr/bin/$foo.
November can be a hard month in the Northen Hemisphere. It tends to be dark,
rainy and cold. Montreal sure has been dark, rainy and cold lately.
That's why you should join us at our next Debian & Stuff later this month. Come
by and work on Debian-related stuff - or not! Hanging out and chatting with
folks is also perfectly fine. As always, everyone's welcome.
The date hasn't been decided yet, so be sure to fill out [this poll][poll]
before November 10th. This time we'll be hanging out at [Koumbit][].
What else can I say; if not for the good company, the bad poutine from the
potato shack next door or the nice craft beer from the very hipster beer shop a
little bit further down the street, you should drop by to keep November from
creeping in too far.
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