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new post: TLS SIP support on the Cisco SPA112

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Title: TLS SIP support on the Cisco SPA112 ATA
Tags: sip
Modified: 2019-05-14 19:41
A few days ago, my SIP provider (the ever reliable [][]) rolled
out TLS+SRTP support. As much as I like their service, it was about time.
......@@ -28,5 +29,27 @@ certificate used interferes with the firmware upgrade process.
### 2019-05-14 update
One of the changes in 1.4.1 SR3 firmware is that the SPA112 now validates TLS
certificates, as per [issue CSCvm49157][issue] in the [release notes][notes].
The problem I had with being unable to register the device was being caused by
a missing Let’s Encrypt root certificate in its certificate store.
Thanks to Michael Davie for pointing this out to me! It turns out also
did their job and [updated their documentation][newdoc] to include a section on
adding a new root CA cert to the device. Sadly, the link they provide on their
wiki is a plain HTTP one. I'd recommend you use the LE Root CA directly:
One last thing: if like me you wondered what the heck was the new *beep beep*
sound during the call, it turns out it's the "Secure Call Indication Tone". You
can turn it off by following [these instructions][secure_tone].
[^1]: Yes, you heard that right: they have a lab on hand with tons of devices so
that they can help you debug your problems live.
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