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Verified Commit 26386438 authored by Louis-Philippe Véronneau's avatar Louis-Philippe Véronneau
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add a line about how guest-posts should state they were not written by me

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......@@ -23,8 +23,11 @@ To keep things organised I'm asking you to:
* try to write "proper" markdown (whatever that is). In an ideal world, lines
should break before 80 chars and links use reference-style links.
Please use these meta headers at the beggining of your post:
Please use these meta headers at the beggining of your post and start by a line
telling the world you are the author of that post:
Title: My awsome title
Authors: My name or nick
Authors: My name
Tags: tag1, tag2, tag3
*This is a guest post by AUTHOR on pollo's blog.*
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