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agregar integración a telegram

parent ed5ca2b2
......@@ -18,7 +18,16 @@
<router-link to="/codigoDeConducta">Código de conducta</router-link>
<li><router-link to="/cerrarSesion">Cerrar sesion (!)</router-link></li>
<template v-if="loggedIn">
<router-link to="/vincularATelegram"
>Vincular a Telegram</router-link
<router-link to="/cerrarSesion">Cerrar sesion (!)</router-link>
<li><router-link to="/licencia">licencia del proyecto</router-link></li>
<!--<div class="bottom">
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ import Home from './views/Home.vue'
import CrearCuenta from './views/CrearCuenta.vue'
import CodigoDeConducta from './views/CodigoDeConducta.vue'
import IniciarSesion from './views/IniciarSesion.vue'
import VincularTelegram from './views/VincularTelegram.vue'
import CerrarSesion from './views/CerrarSesion.vue'
import Barcas from './views/Barcas.vue'
import Barca from './views/Barca.vue'
......@@ -40,6 +41,12 @@ const router = new Router({
component: IniciarSesion,
meta: { fullScreen: true },
path: '/vincularATelegram',
name: 'vincular a telegram',
component: VincularTelegram,
meta: { requiresAuth: true },
path: '/cerrarSesion',
name: 'cerrar sesion',
<div class="vincular-telegram">
Si tu navegador no te redirige,
<a :href="telegramUrl" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"
>hacé click acá</a
import { mapState } from 'vuex'
export default {
name: 'VincularTelegramView',
computed: {
telegramUrl(state) {
return state.profile.telegram_url
mounted() {
if (this.$route.query.directo) location.href = this.telegramUrl
else, '_blank')
<style lang="scss" scoped>
.vincular-telegram {
margin: 0 20px;
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