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  • 0.7   monkeysign (0.7) unstable; urgency=low * fix crash when key not found on keyservers * use a proper message in outgoing emails * unit tests extended to cover user interface * import keys from the local keyring before looking at the keyserver * fix print/save exports (thanks Simon!) * don't depend on a graphical interface * update copyright dates and notices * mark as priority: optional instead of extra -- Antoine Beaupré <anarcat@debian.org> Sat, 06 Jul 2013 01:07:28 -0400
    bb3ead27 · update release time ·
  • 0.6   0.6 * fix warnings in the graphical interface * make qr-code detection be case-insensitive * fix syntax error * follow executable renames properly
    092e7c61 · announce 0.6 ·
  • 0.5   0.5: * non-exportable signatures (--local) support * simplify the monkeysign-scan UI * rename monkeysign-scan to msign and monkeysign-cli to msign-cli to avoid tab-completion conflict with monkeysphere executables, at the request of Monkeysphere developers * usability: make sure arguments are case-insensitive * fix email format so it's actually readable
    c0167fa3 · announce 0.5 ·
  • 0.4   0.4 release * merge display and scanning of qrcodes * really remove remaining pyme dependency * list key indexes to allow choosing more clearly * copy the gpg.conf in temporary keyring * fix keyserver operation in GUI * implement UID choosing in GUI
    2d2cd1c0 · announce 0.4 ·
  • 0.3   0.3 release changelog: * allow keyserver to be enabled while not specified * do not set an empty keyserver, fixing weird keyserver errors on -scan * fix window reference in UI, spotted by dkg * mark this as architecture-independent, spotted by dkg * make setup executable * reference new homepage * API change: functions return false instead of raising exceptions * fix multiple keys listing support
  • 0.2   0.2 tag, release notes: * only load information from private keys when doing key detection * add debugging in key choosing algorithm * import private keyring even in dry-run * properly import re, fixing a crash * add usage for monkeysign-scan * fixup modules list so that the package actually works * make this not crash completely if there's no video * improve short description so that it matches 'key signing' * fix dependencies * fix typo, noticed by micah
    f4e7e2b9 · announce 0.2 ·
  • 0.1   first official release of monkeysign features commandline and qrcode-based caff replacements along with a library and unit tests for the library
    13a12af0 · update todo ·