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patches merging guidelines

we try to tell people what is a good patch, and also try to enforce reviews

this is part of the C4 RFC, which was found to be too complex to use directly
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......@@ -289,6 +289,31 @@ If you prefer old school, offline email systems, you can also use the
Debian BTS, as described above, or send patches to the mailing list for
Some guidelines for patches:
* A patch should be a minimal and accurate answer to exactly one
identified and agreed problem.
* A patch must compile cleanly and pass project self-tests on at least
the principle target platform.
* A patch commit message must consist of a single short (less than 50
characters) line stating the a summary of the change, followed by a
blank line and then a description of the problem being solved and
its solution, or a reason for the change. Write more information,
not less, in the commit log.
Maintainers should not merge their own patches unless there is no
response from other maintainers within a reasonable time frame (1-2
.. note:: Those guidelines were inspired by the `Collective Code
Construct Contract`_. The document was found to be a little
too complex and hard to read and wasn't adopted in its
entirety. See `those discussions
for more information.
.. _Collective Code Construct Contract: https://rfc.zeromq.org/spec:42/C4/
Unit tests
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