Commit 80244ecd authored by jvoisin's avatar jvoisin

Add a PDF-specific test

parent a13203d6
......@@ -35,6 +35,14 @@ class TestRemovecli(test.MATTest):
current_file = mat.create_class_file(dirty, False, add2archive=True, low_pdf_quality=True)
def test_remove_fileformat_specific_options(self):
""" test metadata removal with fileformat-specific options """
for _, dirty in self.file_list: # can't be faster than that :/
if dirty.endswith('pdf'):[MAT_PATH, '--low-pdf-quality', dirty])
current_file = mat.create_class_file(dirty, False, low_pdf_quality=True)
def test_remove_empty(self):
"""Test removal with clean files\n"""
for clean, _ in self.file_list:
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