Commit 63acf6fc authored by fauno's avatar fauno


parent 14c9eac2
......@@ -65,6 +65,14 @@ build: bump-version production yarn patches lib/const.js $(apk_release)
# Antes de compilar en OSX
ios: production yarn patches lib/const.js
test -f /usr/local/bin/fastlane || brew install fastlane
test -f /usr/local/bin/yarn || brew install yarn
test -f /usr/local/bin/gsed || brew install gnu-sed
test -d ./vendor || bundle install --path=./vendor
test -d ./vendor && bundle
cd ./ios && bundle exec pod install
@test -f ./ios/ || echo "Te falta el archivo"
@test -f ./ios/Lunar/GoogleService-Info.plist || echo "Te falta el archivo GoogleService-Info.plist"
@echo "Ahora podés lanzar la compilación desde XCode :D"
install: $(apk_release)
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