Commit 84c0978a authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet
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Update version to v2.0.0

Signed-off-by: default avatarDavid Goulet <>
parent 2d77a432
2015-07-17 trees 2.0.0 (First Drumpf General Strike)
* Don't use assert() for an overflow check
* Use SSIZE_MAX in trees_ostream_send_chunk() check
* Handle error code in trees_ostream_send_header()
* Handle error code in trees_ostream_send_chunk()
* Remove buggy use of trees_password_fd
* Rename project from tofu-scrambler to trees
* Fix README with compile instruction
* Update README with latest info
* Update author and remove uneeded CONTRIBUTORS file
* Massive cleanup of unused files
* Handle missing switch case found by GCC
* Add autoconf support for a proper build system
* Validate the version from the header
* Actually write the version in the email header
* Add version capability
* Merge branch 'feature/tofu-create' into 'master'
* fix typos in
* updated
* Don't check private key if detecting header
* Pass a NULL pointer if no private key set
* Extra protection on the private key when decrypting
* Don't fail if private key not found. Also, set errno on decrypt error
* Really fix the enabled flag
* added tofu-create script, for testing purposes
* Actually check for a disabled user
* Enable flag has to be signed to detect errors
* Remove unused OpenSSL header file include
* Massive amount of fixes
* Skip private key if no user password
* Implement private key unlocked by password
* Use libsodium memzero function to wipe private key
* Use libsodium crypto box and dump OpenSSL RSA/AES
* Beautify the rest of the code base
* Beautify scrambler-plugin.c
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