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      Version 0.6.3 · bedc9080
      azul authored
      I18n improvemtents, dependency upgraded, doc fixes, performance tweaks,
      cleanups and refactorings - everything you would expect from a bugfix
      And of course bugfixes, bugfixes, bugfixes...
      Elijah brought back merging subsequent wiki edits by the same author
      into a single version to make notifications less noisy and the history
      Thanks to perfectritone we now have install instructions for OSX and
      aliaksandrb provided the basics for vagrant based development.
      This will probably be the last bugfix release for the 0.6 series.
      0.7 and thus rails 4.2 lay ahead of us. :)
      Here's a more detailed list of the changes since 0.6.2:
      Pull request #370 from azul/bugfix/blank-request-notice
       * bugfix: don't overwrite noticable in PrivateMessageNotice
       * bugfix: ensure notices have noticable
      Pull request #369 from azul/bugfix/no-notice-without-post
       * make sure notices have the post they belong to
       * exclude user ghosts when looking for dups
       * basic robots.txt
      Pull request #368 from azul/bugfix/no-committee-without-parent
       * bugfix: fix committee creation - ensure parent
      Pull request #367 from azul/bugfix/gallery-sorting
       * test: fix randomly failing tests
       * bugfix: sortable image list after file upload
      Pull request #316 from azul/feature/wikiversion
       * fix version takeover in update_section
       * tests: some versioning fixes
       * added tests for interaction of wiki section locks and versions
       * port wiki/locking_test and wiki/versioning_test to minitest
       * Do not create a new wiki version if the user has edited the wiki in the past
         30 minutes.
       * define post_path in Me::NoticesController
       * update french translations
      Pull request #366 from azul/debug/failing-invites
       * debug: approving invites via email can result in 500
      Pull request #365 from azul/bugfix/sphinx-escape
       * bugfix: escape search terms for sphinx
      Pull request #363 from azul/bugfix/picture-name
       * Fix picture upload issues, update crabgrass_media
      Pull request #364 from azul/bugfix/participation-update
       * bugfix: fix 500 on changing user access to a page
      Pull request #359 from azul/bugfix/page-urls
       * fix caching issues
       * update french translation
      Pull request #358 from azul/i18n/cleanup
       * remove some unused keys
      Pull request #360 from azul/i18n/update
       * i18n: update translations from transifex
      Pull request #357 from azul/bugfix/page-visibility
       * update translations, remove duplicate keys
       * change dashboard feed to include group pages
       * move inline script behind all includes
      Pull request #356 from perfectritone/mac-install-docs
       * Updating the install docs to be more readable and to include instructions
         for OSX
      Remove break-all css setting that breaks words
      Pull request #355 from azul/bugfix/update-denormalized
       * bugfix: change denormalized page fields on renaming
      Pull request #354 from azul/bugfix/count-group-visits
       * count all visits to the group landing page
      Pull request #352 from azul/bugfix/sidebar-tweaks
       * alphabetic list of visible entities in sidebars
      Pull request #353 from azul/bugfix/long-words-break-layout
       * break long words so they don't break layout - fixes #9736
      Pull request #351 from azul/bugfix/wiki-with-text-nodes
       * include plain text nodes in wiki section divs
      Pull request #350 from azul/bugfix/invisible-requests
       * permit display of invites to users groups fixes #10052
      Pull request #349 from azul/bugfix/recipient-privacy
       * ensure recipients only autocomplete visible users
      Pull request #348 from azul/bugfix/check-disabled-tasks
       * task tweaks: check completed tasks on deleted pages
      Pull request #347 from azul/bugfix/style-numbered-lists
       * cache css: take updates to app/stylesheets into account
       * enough padding for numbered lists in wikis
      Pull request #346 from azul/performance/304-css
       * match etags with -gzip attached
      Pull request #345 from azul/performance/304-css
       * make use of 304 - not modified for css
       * bring back page caching for theme css
      Pull request #343 from azul/performance/fragment-cache-styles
       * use fragment instead of page caching for themes screen.css
      Pull request #342 from azul/bugfix/redirect-without-params
       * bugfix: redirect url based on request not params
      Pull request #341 from azul/bugfix/logout-without-js
       * make logout link work without js
      Pull request #339 from riseuplabs/bugfix/notices
       * use 'hide' for notices instead of 'dismiss'
      Pull request #340 from azul/bugfix/not-found
       * wait at least 15 seconds for slow requests on travis
       * skip autocomplete based tests on travis if autocomplete fails
       * Wait 5 seconds for responses on travis
       * use ExceptionsApp for 401 and 403 aswell
       * fix capybara deprecation default_wait_time -> default_max_wait_time
       * redirect to referrer for failed login attempts
       * redirect to referrer after login
       * remove old not_found template
       * render 404 like welcome with login form
       * add list of groups to the dashboard, and make the "Groups" dropdown the
         same. the list is composed of mostly recently visited groups, alpha sorted,
         that the user is a member of, plus the parent groups for groups that have
       * enable `current_site.tracking?` by default. the only thing that turning off
         tracking does is make it so that we can't sort a user's list of groups or
         users by order of most interactions.
       * fix typo that defined which requests were membership related.
       * fix the content type of outgoing emails (text is not the default anymore,
         must be specified explicitly).
       * add create page link to group home.
      Pull request #338 from azul/performance/delayed_cron
       * use delayed job for long running CronController action
      Pull request #337 from azul/bugfix/wiki_locks_locked
       * bugfix: don't save wiki lock record during find
      Pull request #335 from azul/update/i18n
       * update portuguese translation
      Pull request #330 from azul/upgrade/all-deps
       * fix gallery image controller test
       * bundle upgrade
      Pull request #329 from azul/bugfix/missing-recipients-error
       * error message for empty share or notify recipients
      Pull request #328 from azul/bugfix/hide-tasks-of-deleted-pages
       * hide deleted pages and their tasks in me/tasks
      Pull request #324 from aliaksandrb/vagrant_integration
       * Update README for Vagrant integration
       * Simplify development and testing with a Vagrant integration
      Pull request #327 from azul/performance/my-tasks
       * performance: speed up my tasks query
      Pull request #326 from azul/bugfix/ordered-lists-in-wikis
       * bugfix: ordered list numbers in wikis
      Pull request #325 from azul/feature/group-tasks
       * group my tasks by pages
      Pull request #323 from azul/cleanup/remove-task-lists
       * simplify task_list_page - no more task_lists
       * build task list body_terms using pluck
      Pull request #322 from azul/feature/link-color
       * default link color that can be used in headings
      Pull request #320 from aliaksandrb/page_notifications
       * Less noisy page notifications at dashboard page
      Pull request #321 from azul/performance/inno-db
       * Use InnoDB for all tables but page_terms
      Pull request #319 from azul/cleanup/cron
       * remove the notification cron tasks
      Pull request #318 from azul/bugfix/duplicate_asset_upload
       * prevent duplicate asset upload
      Pull request #311 from azul/feature/pagetype_generator
       * Generator for new pagetypes
      Pull request #314 from azul/cleanup/cron
       * cron: drop cache cleanup tasks
      Pull request #312 from azul/bugfix/ts-tweaks
       * config make curl jobs work
       * config: thinking sphinx tweaks
      Pull request #306 from azul/upgrade/ts-3
       * fix task to update fixtures; test search with them
       * Upgrade Thinking Sphinx to 3.1.4 - requires sphinx > 2.1.4
  5. 21 Aug, 2015 1 commit
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      Release 0.6.2 · adaf1f4a
      azul authored
      Another bugfix release. This one has seen some serious speed improvements in
      particular for updates that update a page.
      The main user visible changes are the return of wiki diffs and stars for
      comments. Also we sort group and user lists alphabetically in a number of
      places now.
      We prepared the upgrade to rails 4 as much as possible. So we removed mods
      and turned the other rails 2.3 style plugins into rails4 compatible engines.
      We moved tracking of user activity from observers into controllers. We now
      use helper classes to keep controllers thin but trigger them
      from the controllers themselves.
      List of changes:
      Release preparation
       * fix tests failing locally
       * tasks: fix unassigning last user
       * fix changing user participations
      Pull request #308 from azul/bugfix/ts-cron
       * bugfix: make reindex cron action work
      Pull request #305 from azul/performance/delayed-index
       * use thinking sphinxs delayed delta indexing
       * recommend ruby 2.1 over 1.9 in INSTALL docs
       * upgrade: delayed job to latest and run migrate task
      Pull request #304 from azul/performance/page-terms-index
       * add index on delta column to page_terms
      Pull request #303 from azul/profile/page-updates
       * benchmark: page updates - indexing and user_participation
       * little update to install statement, as libsqlite3-dev seems to be necessary for sqlite3 gem used for castle_gates tests.
       * Fix to not show 'with this message' in page notice unless there is actually a mesage refs #9914
      Pull request #301 from azul/bugfix/wiki-cache-diffs
       * don't cache the wiki diff flags
      Pull request #300 from azul/bugfix/notice_list
       * prevent /me crashes on invalid notices
      Pull request #299 from azul/bugfix/wiki-links
       * fix umlaut issues in page titles and anchors
       * turn greencloth test into real test
      Pull request #298 from azul/bugfix/update-access-only-if-needed
       * only update the asset symlinks when needed
      Pull request #297 from azul/performance/cache_wiki
       * performance: cache group sidebox
       * performance: cache wiki template
      Pull request #296 from azul/refactor/separate-media
       * fix and test odt conversion
       * refactor: separate crabgrass_media repository
      Pull request #294 from aliaksandrb/groups_directory_grouping
       * Feature: Grouping for groups directory
      Pull request #295 from azul/bugfix/section-edit
       * revert wiki decoration changes, move to class
      Pull request #291 from aliaksandrb/page_reload_after_new_comment
       * Move to new comment after page reloaded
      Pull request #288 from aliaksandrb/9735_group_and_people_directory_is_not_alphabetized
       * Show people directory entities alphabetized
      Pull request #293 from aliaksandrb/mysql_queries_optimizations
       * Homepage queries optimization
      Pull request #290 from azul/bugfix/missing-sections
       * hotfix to work around changes in wiki section naming
      Pull request #292 from azul/revert/too-loose-regexp
       * Revert wiki toc - handle multiline headings better
      Pull request #287 from azul/bugfix/uninitialized-section-not-found
       * cleanup error handling - in particular Wiki section not found
      Pull request #286 from azul/bugfix/double_render_group_join
       * prevent double render on create RequestToJoinYou
      Pull request #284 from azul/bugfix/star-notice-with-post-removed
       * fix: crash when trying to render notice without post
      Pull request #285 from azul/ui/attachment-tweaks
       * border and a bit of box shadow for attachments
      Pull request #283 from azul/bugfix/request_to_remove_user
       * bugfix: fix request to remove user from group
      Pull request #282 from azul/bugfix/multiline-headings-in-toc
       * wiki toc - handle multiline headings better
       * pop up toc heading error on wiki save
      Pull request #281 from azul/ui/responsive-attachments
       * test: debug pending ajax request on travis
       * responsive attachment images in sidebar
      Pull request #280 from azul/performance/pdf-processing
       * performance: create small jpgs from large ones
      Pull request #279 from aliaksandrb/error_with_sending_message
       * Private message before discussion fix
      Pull request #278 from azul/performance/pdf-processing
       * try converting first page of pdf only
      Pull request #277 from azul/bugfix/flash_message_now
       * fix 500 caused by flash_message_now
      Pull request #276 from azul/bugfix/asset-page-500
       * Make type changes test work on CI
       * bugfix: 500 on trying to convert xcf
       * move rjs into view from controller update block
      Pull request #275 from azul/bugfix/approve-request-error
       * bugfix: fix 500 when approving RequestToRemoveUser
      Pull request #274 from azul/upgrade/prepare-for-rails4
       * replace scopes with class methods in models
       * clean up model access in accounts_controller some
       * drop unused sweepers
       * start replacing scopes with defs or use lambdas
       * replace render :update with rjs partials
       * remove RemoteJob for Assets
       * make sure test names are unique
       * routes: remove duplicates and always specify verb(s)
       * remove last remains of attr_accessible
       * format validations with \A \z instead of ^ and $
      Pull request #273 from azul/bugfix/messages_page_error
       * display proper error if there is no discussion yet
      Pull request #272 from azul/bugfix/create-comments-without-js
       * Fix creating comments without javascript
      Pull request #271 from azul/bugfix/wiki-toc
       * bugfix: duplicate use of section names broke wiki
      Pull request #270 from aliaksandrb/anchor_links_for_comments
       * Anchor links for comments
      Pull request #269 from aliaksandrb/hide_all_notifications_link
       * Feature: Dismiss all notifications button
      Pull request #268 from azul/test/remove-wait-for-ajax
       * remove wait for ajax
       * fix: visit public group without login
      Pull request #266 from aliaksandrb/private_message_deletion
       * Delete private message action does not hide it
       * Feature: Add Send Message link to a user profile
      Pull request #263 from azul/feature/sorted-menus
       * Sort entities in top menu alphabetically
      Pull request #262 from azul/bugfix/full-wiki-diff
       * only show diff if old version was present
      Pull request #259 from azul/bugfix/version-without-asset
       * return 404 on show missing asset with version
      Pull request #260 from azul/bugfix/cancel-wiki-edit
       * fix: canceling wiki edits renders wiki
      Pull request #261 from azul/i18n/update_es
       * improve spanish translation [skip-ci]
      Pull request #238 from azul/bugfix/prevent-500-on-old-link-encoding
       * prevent 500 for links that still use url encodes iso chars
      Pull request #258 from azul/feature/wiki-diff
       * enable wiki diffs for group wikis
       * integration tests for displaying wiki diffs
       * keep edit links and the like out of diffs
       * render wiki diffs on page load
       * insert former html into div for cleaner diff
       * show diff when displaying wiki versions
       * regression test - create committee with dup name
      Pull request #256 from aliaksandrb/9686_translation_missed_for_network_group_invite_notification
       * Exception: Translation missed for network group invite notification
      Pull request #255 from aliaksandrb/9676_notification_for_group_invite_is_missed
       * Notifications for group invite are missed
      Pull request #254 from aliaksandrb/9675_contact_notification_request_missed
       * Missed notification for contact request
      Pull request #257 from aliaksandrb/3292_ability_to_remove_account_setting_image
       * Feature: Ability to remove account settings avatar
      Pull request #253 from azul/bugfix/make-page-public
       * bugfix: turn pages public and private without error
      Pull request #251 from aliaksandrb/9656_doubled_images
       * Fix for incremental images upload to a gallery with D'n'D
      Pull request #252 from azul/bugfix/email-invites
       * fix email invites, includes test
       * make sure not to confuse Common::Tracking with ::Tracking
      Pull request #245 from aliaksandrb/8493_message_notification_and_its_deletions
       * Dismiss private message notification for deleted message
      Pull request #250 from azul/cleanup/remove-direct-upload
       * cleanup: remove direct data upload from assets
      Pull request #249 from azul/bugfix/assets-without-filename
       * make sure assets have a filename if upload aborts
      Pull request #248 from azul/bugfix/notification
       * fix: notifications were broken by checkbox options
       * add task to reset star counters
       * fix stars for comments upgrade task and js
       * add regression test for private message failure
      Pull request #247 from azul/hotfix/fix_private_posts
       * make comments and messages more robust
      Pull request #244 from azul/feature/stars-for-comments
       * notify people when their posts were starred
       * rake: migrate ratings to stars for Posts
       * adopt tests for starring to actual workflow
       * css: use n-th of type for background stars
       * css: use n-th-child-of-type instead of .odd and .even
       * use redirects to PagePostsController#show to rerender comments
       * display stars in the background of posts
       * fix star_post_action to use ujs toggle
       * ujs links with toggling icons and spinner in between
       * send proper status_code on exceptions
       * First steps towards staring posts
      Pull request #246 from aliaksandrb/thin_dependency
       * Update the Thin gem dependency for Ruby > 2
       * Merge branch '9524_my_task_icon_missed' of https://github.com/aliaksandrb/crabgrass-core
       * Fix for tasks icon missed in the main menu
       * consider_all_requests_local should be true in dev mode.
      Pull request #242 from azul/refactor/castle-gates-reload
       * fix castle gates reloading in development
      Pull request #241 from azul/upgrade/minitest
       * no need to check may_show_group? twice
       * update test environment - minitest 4.7 and mocha 1.1
       * upgrade rails to include latest security patches
      Pull request #240 from azul/refactor/page-history-tracking
       * namespace all the tracking things
       * track wiki updates in controller - no more observers!
       * track_actions for all participation tracking
       * fix participation tracking, actually use it
       * Track granting user access with track_action
       * PageHistory::GrantUserAccess with access level as attribute
       * track granting group access from controller
       * prepare Pages::SharesController for replacing participation observers
       * complete refactor of PageShare
       * cleanup: no need to hand over the page in PageShare
       * no more options to share.with
       * move all page sharing stuff into PageShare
       * split up may_share_with_user!
       * split up may_share! into may_share_with_{user,group}!
       * replace User#share_page_with!
       * introduce PageShare to share with multiple recipients
       * separate unit tests - share page with one or many
       * test page sharing with page history creation
       * refactor Page::ShareController
       * refactor Pages::SharesController actions a bit
       * Use GrantGroupAccess to replace GrantGroup...Access
       * use proper Page:: namespace for page unit tests
       * refactor page_history helper
       * more robust gallery integration test
       * track page updates in controller not observer
       * track_actions in Pages::PostsController
       * properly load class methods in particular track_actions
       * use track_actions and track_action
       * Turn Activity.track into generic Tracking::Action.track
      Pull request #234 from azul/refactor/callbacks-and-observers
       * validate in_reply_to in post
       * refactor: move private message sending into relationship
       * only include activity tracking when needed.
       * replace relationship observer with init_discussion
       * track request to destroy group in controller
       * track event for group destruction via request
       * track FriendActivity in controller not observer
       * remove user observer, prepare user destroyed notices
       * handle request notices from controller not observer
       * replace Reqest.after_destroy with dependent: delete association
       * track activities for create_membership when using requests
       * track request approval with request specific event - failing test
       * only send attributes that can be set in Activity.track
       * remove page_observer - use dependent: delete for PageNotices
       * no more message wall for now.
       * use Activity.track and dependent: delete for private posts
       * use destroy action for removing posts
       * replace membership observer with track_activity
       * keep list of activity classes as strings not constants
       * helper method track_activity in controllers
       * tests: reuse of committee names accross groups
       * use form_for for new groups and committees
       * Group created activity in controller, failing test
       * cleanup: Groups::GroupsController
       * use param[:group] for all group types
       * refactor: Add users to group they created in controller
       * Notification class to notify in different ways
       * test: fix tests that failed 1 hour before midnight
       * rewrite: destroy group using the powers of rails
      Pull request #239 from azul/test/group-destruction
       * remove hacks for requests where group is gone
       * Test group destruction and approve requests without js
      Pull request #237 from elijh/feature/tasks
       * tasks: added 'my tasks' view, and improved tasks ui.
       * forbid bad avatar size names, by routing.
      Pull request #232 from azul/test/exception-controller
       * test exceptions controller
      Pull request #231 from azul/bugfix/oo-doc-icon
       * icon OpenOffice docs is oo_document not oo_text
      Pull request #229 from azul/bugfix/error-handling
       * bring back ErrorNotFound, drop per site i18n
      Pull request #230 from azul/feature/print-url
       * bring back the context/page/print url - at least for wikis
      Pull request #225 from azul/bugfix/gallery-image-show-html
       * only handle remote links on left button click
       * bugfix: render gallery image show as html as well
      Pull request #226 from riseuplabs/master
       * accept param to raise_not_found even if it's unused
       * fix controller_symbol for nil param and error log in PublicExceptions
       * do not rely on may_edit_group being included
       * only propose to create a page for groups i may edit
      Pull request #224 from riseuplabs/develop
      Pull request #219 from azul/refactor/not-found
       * make task lists integration test more robust
       * functional test actual page destruction
       * fix creating page from link (such as new wiki pages)
       * use head :not_found instead of ErrorNotFound for ajax
       * fix functional tests for 404s raising exceptions
       * use custom subclass of AD::PublicExceptions
       * raise AR::RecordNotFound in raise_not_found
       * first take on using an exception app for 404s
      Pull request #222 from riseuplabs/develop
      Pull request #223 from azul/test/try-container-build
       * libreoffice can't be installed in container builds for now
       * try to cache bundler
       * travis: use container based infrastructure
      Pull request #221 from azul/bugfix/wiki-toc
       * bugfix: display toc for wikis
      Pull request #220 from riseuplabs/develop
       * i18n: update translations from transifex
       * i18n: also download riseup specific translations from transifex
      Pull request #218 from azul/bugfix/asset-error
       * bring back ods thumbdef.
       * return 404 if asset can not be found
      Pull request #217 from azul/cleanup/mod-routes
       * cleanup: mod_routes - no more need for them without mods
      Pull request #216 from riseuplabs/develop
      Pull request #215 from azul/bugfix/editing-private-posts
       * fix editing private posts
      Pull request #214 from azul/bugfix/avatar-paths
       * remove new avatar action, avoid polymorphic path
       * fix polymorphic avatar path
      Pull request #213 from riseuplabs/develop
      Pull request #212 from azul/bugfix/last-page-of-comments
       * display the last page of the comments by default
      Pull request #211 from azul/debug/contex-url
       * debug output to fix NoMethodError in GroupSettings
       * i18n update from transifex
       * do not try to load missing audio preview partial
       * do not try to load missing audio preview partial
      Pull request #210 from riseuplabs/develop
      Pull request #208 from elijh/bugfix/anonposts
       * a few fixes for page comments when the user is not authenticated.
      Pull request #209 from azul/bugfix/production_issues
       * meaningful guess for thumbnail url with undefined thumbnail type
       * ranked vote: don't bomb out if viewing a ranked vote while not logged in. closes #9409
       * pin .ruby-version to match what is on production server.
       * fix group destruction bug (closes #9410)
      Pull request #207 from riseuplabs/develop
       * tests: we require login for accessing the search now
       * riseup theme: added note about red and black accounts
       * for now, require authentication to browse the directory of users or groups
       * Merge branch 'develop' of ssh://github.com/riseuplabs/crabgrass-core into develop
      Pull request #206 from azul/rewrite/crabgrass-plugins
       * plugins: bring back deplrecation warnings
       * plugins: drop crabgrass_acts_as_tree - only used in one place
       * plugins: load without rails 2.3 mechanism
       * plugins: after_reload turned into a lib
      Pull request #204 from azul/cleanup/mods
       * cleanup: remove all traces of MODS
      Pull request #205 from azul/bugfix/production-500
       * 404 when releasing locks for removed section
      Pull request #203 from azul/rewrite/page-engines
       * turn all pages into engines
       * Crabgrass::Page::Engine module with register_page_type
       * use initializer method for page registration
       * pages: use engine instead of plugin for discussion page
       * update spanish translation
       * transifex fixes: add transifex link to footer, fix pull url in rake task, include bundled en.yml in git.
  6. 12 May, 2015 1 commit
    • azul's avatar
      0.6.1 - bugfix release and ui rework · e92d8a4e
      azul authored
      Lot's of tests and bugfixes happened since 0.6.0.
      We've also seen great support from the we.riseup.net communitee
      in translating the new user interface to a lot of languages.
      Elijah reworked the ui and ported it to use bootstrap 3.
      We also improved the security of the password hashes by using
      has_secure_password which relies on bcrypt rather than SHA1
      Updated dependencies:
      * bootstrap 3
      * works with ruby 2.1
      Final tweaks:
       * i18n: update from transifex
       * resolve symlinks for page cache dir
       * use new syntax for setting table names
       * clean up assets: remove gif icons and remove deprecated cg:compile_assets
      Pull request #202 from azul/tweak/group-wikis
       * only load group wikis with body, fix tests
       * tweak: group wikis preserve current profile on edit
       * tweak: group wiki markup and edit link
       * show more members on group landing page.
       * Merge branch 'develop' of ssh://github.com/riseuplabs/crabgrass-core into develop
      Pull request #200 from azul/feature/secure_password
       * refactor: UserExtension::LegacyPasswords
       * use has_secure_password and wrap old sha1 hashes
       * font fixes: use Verdana as default font, like old crabgrass, and fix wiki heading.
       * added credit to riseup bird.
       * riseup theme improvements (put a 'bird on it' login screen edition)
       * center login for default home page.
       * theme: allow theme to specify custom home page.
      Pull request #201 from azul/bugfix/gallery-nav
      Pull request #199 from azul/feature/membership-link
       * link to all users in sidebar if there are > 20
      Pull request #198 from azul/bugfix/request-links
       * fix links in requests
      Pull request #197 from azul/bugfix/deprecations
       * upgrade: use i18n 0.7 to get rid of deprecation warning
       * log deprecation messages in all environments using notifications
       * silence 2.3 plugin deprecation for now
      Pull request #196 from azul/bugfix/group-wikis
       * fix group wiki editing with integration test
       * move group wiki actions into settings
      Pull request #195 from azul/i18n/fixes
       * signup needs username not 'login' which is a verb.
       * i18n: fix request destruction message
       * i18n: update from transifex
      Pull request #194 from azul/bugfix/email-invites
       * fix reload of the mail request page with a code
       * test: make sure other peoples requests are hidden
       * also trigger spinning wheels in .buttons divs
       * email invites now have a working link.
       * bring back email invites to groups
      Pull request #192 from azul/bugfix/update-sidebar
       * bugfix: update page sidebar after removing attachment
       * bugfix: update sidebar after removing tags
      Pull request #193 from azul/bugfix/password-reset
       * bugfix: password reset again - now with test
      Pull request #191 from azul/develop
       * fix page integration tests
      Pull request #190 from elijh/feature/ui
       * many more UI tweaks
       * very many tiny UI changes
       * remove unused custom theme column code
       * remove internet explorer hacks
       * remove cache from nav boxes
      Pull request #189 from azul/bugfix/top_menu-order
       * remove caching of top menu and bring back tracking
      Pull request #188 from azul/bugfix/confirm-cancel-account
       * bugfix: confirm before removing account
      Pull request #187 from azul/bugfix/recover-password
       * wrap alert messages in #alert_messages only once
       * adopt tests to new bootstrap 3 markup
       * bugfix: tweak user validations, make sure passwords are at least 8 chars
       * fix password recovery
       * fix typos in css merge.
       * rename scss partials to begin with underscore.
       * clean up how we customize bootstrap
       * remove debugging messages
       * spring cleaning: removed commented out view and css code
       * fix failing integration test
       * various ui tweaks to bootstrap 3 upgrade
       * support for small banners
       * slightly more clarify when editing group home wikis
       * clean up display of user profile page
       * cleaned up themes, removed blueberry, updated riseup theme for bootstrap 3.
       * upgrade to bootstrap 3
       * allow all page search forms to use the enter key for submission.
       * remove config/application.rb.org
      Pull request #186 from azul/bugfix/ui-tweaks
       * ui: default to the private group wiki for members is there is one
       * ui: prefer display name over name, tags in group page search
      Pull request #184 from azul/bugfix/invalid-requests
       * group is gone if RequestToDestroyOurGroup is approved
       * cleanup: dead requests with a rake task
       * requests require the recipient to exist - not just an id
      Pull request #183 from azul/bugfix/email-content
       * remove .text suffix from Mailer templates
      Pull request #181 from azul/bugfix/meaningful-title
       * bugfix: set html title to page title - with tests
      Pull request #182 from azul/bugfix/format-help
       * help: bring back formatting help with integration test
       * config: check if bundler responds_to current_ruby at all
       * config: make sure we still support old bundler
      Pull request #180 from azul/config/from-etc
       * config: fetch some rails options from crabgrass config
      Pull request #179 from azul/test/ruby2
       * libreoffice 3.5 fails and we need more than just -common
       * better error handling if libre office fails
       * test: figure out what's wrong with gm / ps on travis
       * tests: fix test that was formerly hidden by dup
       * ruby2: only use Rails::Rack::Debugger debugger gem
       * bring back tests that had duplicate names
       * ruby2: make sure theres a page for blue with tags
       * ruby2: another respond_to? including protected
       * ruby2: we can call protected methods on superclass
       * ruby2: only use valid args in a Hash[]
       * ruby2: respond_to? now returns false for protected methods
       * ruby2: use byebug for debugging
       * add the debian 8 default ruby
      Pull request #178 from azul/bugfix/page-updated-by
       * add rake task to fix contributor count once
       * clean up strange behaviour related to page contributors
       * mark wiki pages as updated on wiki update
       * upgrade acts_as_versioned to avoid AR 3.2 deprecated calls
       * wiki has_one page instead of has_many and #page, #page=
      Pull request #177 from azul/bugfix/i18n
       * i18n: translation fixes for group structure settings
       * i18n: translate email notification settings
       * translate back button on print view
      Pull request #154 from ben-pr-p/develop
       * made azul's changes
       * Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/develop' into develop
       * Added hidden back button to print page
       * adopt tests to new behaviour of people search
       * user directory: always show peers, never show all users
       * revert private message caching - harldy any effect
      Pull request #176 from azul/performance/private_messages
       * cache private messages in overview
      Pull request #175 from azul/performance/private_messages
       * include users in discussion.posts for /me/messages/user
       * index for relationships for the discussion in me/messages
      Pull request #174 from azul/bugfix/order-tweaks
       * display the last private messages - not the first.
      Pull request #173 from azul/bugfix/order-tweaks
       * fix order of private message overview
       * tweak recent page list order, caching and time format
      Pull request #171 from azul/performance/posts
       * performance: tweak page posts to not run n+1 queries
      Pull request #172 from azul/bugfix/active-tabs
       * test: detect loading of new thumbnail so server is done
       * add tests i forgot earlier on
       * move current_theme into its own module
       * fix active tabs on group landing and people directory
      Pull request #170 from azul/performance/post-comment
       * fix tests - we should use fixtures for integration tests
       * tweak includes for page posts some
       * performance: drop posts_count from pages
       * refactor: move post creation into page model from controller
       * tweak page callbacks to only run when needed
      Pull request #169 from azul/bugfix/stay-on-top
       * stay on top of wiki pages - do not scroll to bottom
      Pull request #168 from azul/bugfix/include-preload-in-autocomplete
       * Include preloaded results in filtered autocomplete queries
      Pull request #167 from azul/bugfix/html-safe-bold
       * mark translation with bold group name as html_safe
       * if using rbenv, pin the ruby version to match what is on the deployed environment for debian stable.
      Pull request #166 from azul/bugfix/entity-enum
       * bugfix/no-ids-in-search-paths
      Pull request #165 from azul/bugfix/hidden-group-banner
       * bugfix: do not show Home and Pages links for hidden groups
      Pull request #164 from azul/bugfix/share-issues
       * encode + in group names in share autocomplete
      Pull request #163 from azul/bugfix/page-issues
       * bugfix: pagination in insert image to wiki modalbox
       * bugfix: reload page sidebar after attaching file
      Pull request #162 from azul/bugfix/missing-files
       * bugfix: 404 instead of a 500 for missing asset file
      Pull request #160 from azul/bugfix/wiki-asset-upload
       * render wiki edit without section
       * Fix wiki asset upload form markup
      Pull request #161 from azul/bugfix/mailer
       * bugfix: no more recipients method in rails3 mailers
       * key for norwegian 'no': otherwise yaml thinks false
       * fixup: actually include the rails/no translation
       * i18n: Include norwegian date locals
      Pull request #158 from azul/bugfix/i18n-issues
       * Also handle other ArgumentErrors than TranslationMissing
      Pull request #159 from azul/bugfix/tag-issues
       * refactor: set owner and context in a more clean way
       * bugfix: add tags on page creation with test
       * cleanup task for taggings without taggable_id
      Pull request #157 from azul/bugfix/i18n-issues
       * recover from I18n::ArgumentErrors in Production
       * Revert "i18n: use the active record scope for requests"
       * remove remaining cached default avatar
       * cleanup: invalid chat remains
       * rake task to reset peer caches
      Pull request #155 from azul/feature/peers-without-large-groups
       * upgrade: use rails3 / arel instead of SQL strings
       * first step for making large groups not count for peers
      Pull request #156 from azul/bugfix/cleanup-duplicate-translations
       * i18n: use the active record scope for requests
      Pull request #153 from riseuplabs/bugfix/group-avatar-setting
       * bugfix: avatars always use a single resource
      Pull request #151 from riseuplabs/bugfix/speed-up-peer-directory
       * performance: tweaks to the peer directory. only search for now.
      Pull request #152 from riseuplabs/bugfix/wiki-toggles
       * bugfix: only show available wiki toggles
      Pull request #149 from riseuplabs/feature/hide_groups_by_default
       * hide new groups by default
       * gitignore: config/crabgrass/crabgrass.production.yml
       * typo - oh my... = is not the same as ==
      Pull request #150 from riseuplabs/bugfix/upgrade-fixes
       * fix typo - no need to print . when converting messages
       * remove committees without parent before migrating permissions
       * upgrade: deal with groups without a public profile
       * i18n: updated translations, norsk added
       * speed up permission creation for groups some
      Pull request #148 from riseuplabs/feature/hide-committees
       * migration: hide committees of hidden groups
      Pull request #147 from riseuplabs/performance/tweak-permission-migrations
       * performance: tweaks for user permission migration
      Pull request #146 from riseuplabs/feature/log_level_from_config
       * config: read log level from config if given
      Pull request #145 from riseuplabs/bugfix/survey-response
      Pull request #144 from riseuplabs/docs/develop-notes
       * doc: confirm and cleanup issues in roadmap some
       * doc: small tweaks for install and testing
       * doc: create roadmap from dev notes
       * do not apply cg:cleanup:committee_without_parent by default
      Pull request #143 from azul/upgrade/owner_id_in_page_terms
       * upgrade: Add owner_id to page terms so we can search pages by owner
      Pull request #142 from azul/bugfix/edit-profile
       * bugfix: display banner properly
      Pull request #141 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
       * Revert "remove references to ExternalVideo"
       * ghosts now link to /none and display :deleted.t
       * cleanup: PageHistrories without a user
       * cleanup: chat channels of groups that are long gone
       * cleanup: chat messages without a sender
       * cleanup: dummy ExternalVideo class to keep ExternalVideoPages valid
       * cleanup: also remove duplicate users that have been updated
      Pull request #140 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
       * use plunck instead of select(:id).map(&:id)
       * cleanup: Remove posts of users that do not exist anymore
       * cleanup: Remove email requests with invalid email
       * cleanup: fix invalid states of requests
       * cleanup: remove empty tasks
       * cleanup: added rake db:data:revalidate
       * cleanup: fix invalid activity type
      Pull request #139 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
       * document: config setting enabled_tools now is enabled_pages
       * remove references to ExternalVideo
       * better progress indicator for rake db:data:validate
       * cleanup: deal with federations between networks
       * remove presence validation for Committee.parent
       * show progress during rake db:data:validate
       * remove duplicate users
       * cleanup Group.destroy is protected - use delete_all...
       * work around moved cg.production.config on we.dev
       * no committees without parent
       * remove groups with duplicate & invalid names
       * cleanup: remove PageHistories without a page
       * upgrade: tweak MessagePageConversion
       * silence sphinx delta indexing in production
       * one upgrade task to rule them all
       * cleanup: Drop all invalid email addresses
       * cleanup: dump duplicate taggings
       * cleanup cleanup.rake merge remains
       * Merge branch 'develop' into origin/develop
       * doc: fix install instructions - thanks nick
       * remove cached default avatars.
       * setup: move production config to example
       * gitignore tmp and log entirely
      Pull request #138 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
       * cleanup: unused tags and duplicate tags
      Pull request #137 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
       * cleanup: more tasks + cg:cleanup:all
       * cleanup: more tasks + cg:cleanup:all
      Pull request #136 from azul/service/cleanup-invalid-records
       * all records are valid now after rake db:fixtures:load
       * drop unused classes lacking database table
       * validate: add record validation task, fix picture namespace
       * cleanup: first take on removal of duplicate groups
      Pull request #135 from azul/bugfix/i18n-tweaks
       * i18n: remove audio related keys from gallery
      Pull request #134 from azul/custom/riseup-specific-copy
      Pull request #133 from azul/custom/riseup-theme
       * customization: riseup theme added with footer
      Pull request #132 from azul/bugfix/migration-fixes
       * Tagging is now called ActsAsTaggableOn::Tagging
       * use normal sphinx paths without capistrano
       * table names use plurals
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