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    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] set default to False on batching for now · 7208d8bc
      Victor Shyba authored
      All batching code has no effect by default with this commit. Since we
      know that this is a dangerous new feature we will enable them only on
      our test servers and check them manually before setting it as default
      or adding more configuration features.
      Use SyncTarget and server conf file to enable it for testing.
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] generation caching during a batch · d103491c
      Victor Shyba authored
      Generation cache was removed for simple processing and it should not got
      back, but during a batch the server wont change its generation. So a
      little trick to hold that temporary information until batch finishes is
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] add configuration to disable batching · f1497b92
      Victor Shyba authored
      Batch support is optional. This commit adds a 'batching' configuration
      option to disable it.
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] checks staged docs inside batch · fa595231
      Victor Shyba authored
      This commit adds checking for consistency on batch. When a doc is needed
      during a batched sync and it doesnt exists on database, current code
      will make a partial batch to avoid processing like it doesnt exist.
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] put all docs at once · bcbb9ccd
      Victor Shyba authored
      Using _bulk_docs api from CouchDB we can put all docs at a single
      request. Also, prefetching all ids removes the need to HEAD
      requests during the batch.
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] prepare server to handle batches · 577abee1
      Victor Shyba authored
      Created two methods on the backend to start and finish a batch. A dict of
      callbacks is available to defer actions for the last document, allowing
      temporary (changing often) metadata to be recorded only once.
      Using those methods we will also be able to put all docs in one go on
      the CouchDatabase implementation, but that is another step.
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [feat] Adds support to batching limited by size · 6fd543b9
      Victor Shyba authored
      u1db provides batching by default. Current Soledad HTTPS Sync Target was
      stuck at 1 doc per request. This commit adds batching capability,
      limiting the size to a predefined value.
      Default limit size: 500kB
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  17. 25 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [bug] generation_info cant be cached per replica · b44a2a9b
      Victor Shyba authored
      This info can be changed by another syncing replica and would not
      reflect real database generation. That would be ok inside of the same
      sync, but can cause trouble on concurrent syncs.
      The other calls are ok, since they hold info that doesnt change during
      concurrent syncs or are only read/write by the replica syncing. A global
      cache could fit better this removed case, but for now let's stay on the
      safe side.
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  19. 23 Nov, 2015 2 commits
    • bwagnerr's avatar
      [bug] BackendNotReadyError breaks without status · 3537351a
      bwagnerr authored
      The new BackendNotReadyError didn't have a status or a wire
      description, because of that, when you tried to use the
      leap.soledad.server package it would break trying to import
      this exception (because the annotation tries to use this
      variable). This was preventing soledad server from starting
      at all, after this change it works again
    • Victor Shyba's avatar
      [bug] put a monkeypatch back for bigcouch · 086f9fad
      Victor Shyba authored
      Current code was tested on couch 1.6 and a monkeypatch got removed
      during refactor. This commit re-adds it, but in a separate module that
      is intended to hold temporary code for compatibility that can be removed
      on version upgrades.
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