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[pkg] update changelog for 0.9.2

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0.9.2 - 22 December, 2016
Performance improvements
- use AES 256 GCM mode instead of CTR+HMAC.
- streaming encryption/decryption and data transfer.
- move server to a twisted resource entrypoint.
- use twisted http agent in the client.
- maintain backwards compatibility with old crypto scheme (AES 256 CTR+HMAC).
No migration for now, only in 0.10.
- remove the encryption/decryption pools, replace for inline streaming crypto.
- use sqlcipher transactions on sync.
0.9.1 - 27 November, 2016 0.9.1 - 27 November, 2016
+++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++
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