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[pkg] update changelog to 0.9.0

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0.9.0 - 11 November, 2016
Main features
- Server-side changes in couch backend schema.
- Use of tox and pytest to run tests.
- Performance tests.
*** Attention: Migration needed! ***
This version of soledad uses a different database schema in the server couch
backend. The difference from the old schema is that the use of design documents
for storing and accessing soledad db metadata was removed because incurred in
too much memory and time overhead for passing data to the javascript
Because of that, you need to run a migration script on your database. Check the
`scripts/migration/0.9.0/` diretctory for instructions on how to run the
migration script on your database. Don't forget to backup before running the
- Fix order of multipart serialization when writing to couch.
- Log to syslog.
- Remove usage of design documents in couch backend.
- Use _local couch docs for metadata storage.
- Other small improvements in couch backend.
0.8.1 - 14 July, 2016
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