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# Contributing to ooni/probe-engine

This is an open source project, and contributions are welcome! You are welcome
to open pull requests. An open pull request will be reviewed by a core
developer. The review may request you to apply changes. Once the assigned
reviewer is satisfied, they will merge the pull request.

## PR requirements

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Every pull request that introduces new functionality should feature
comprehensive test coverage. Any pull request that modifies existing
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functionality should pass existing tests. What's more, any new pull
request that modifies existing functionality should not decrease the
existing code coverage.

If there is a top-level document, make sure such document is
kept in sync with code changes you have applied.

Do not submit large PRs. A reviewer can best service your PR if the
code changes are around 200-600 lines. (It is okay to add more changes
afterwards, if the reviewer asks you to do more work; the key point
here is that the PR should be reasonably sized when the review starts.)

In this vein, we'd rather structure a complex issue as a sequence of
small PRs, than have a single large PR address it all.

As a general rule, a PR is reviewed by reading the whole diff. Let us
know if you want us to read each diff individually, if you think that's
functional to better understand your changes.

## Code style requirements

Please, use `go fmt`, `go vet`, and `golint` to check your code
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contribution before submitting a pull request. Make sure your code
is documented. At the minimum document all the exported symbols.

Make sure you commit `go.mod` and `go.sum` changes. Make sure you
run `go mod tidy` to minimize such changes.

## Code testing requirements

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Make sure all tests pass with `go test -race ./...` run from the
top-level directory of this repository.
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## Writing a new OONI experiment

When you are implementing a new experiment (aka nettest), make sure
you have read the relevant spec from the [ooni/spec]( repository. If the spec is missing,
please help the pull request reviewer to create it. If the spec is
not clear, please let us know during the review.

When you write a new experiment, keep the measurement phase and the
results analysis phases as separate functions. This helps us a lot
to write better unit tests for our code.

To get a sense of what we expect from an experiment, see:

- the experiment/example experiment

- the experiment/webconnectivity experiment
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Thank you!