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@title = 'Bitmask 0.10 released, massive refactor'
@author = 'kali'
@posted_at = '2017-10-04'
@more = false
We are pleased to announce the Bitmask 0.10 release, codename "la rosa de foc". You can refer to the [changelog]( for all the changes.
A fresh UI, and increased stability for the VPN are only the tip of the iceberg. This long awaited refactor has countless backend improvements for both Bitmask VPN and Bitmask Mail that put us on course for much more frequent releases. [Try it while it's still fresh](
This is still a beta-only release of the Encrypted Email service, that ships again with the Pixelated email user agent. We have also ported the VPN service from the legacy 0.9.2 bitmask client. This is the first release of the new codebase that ships VPN, so expect some rough behavior.
The demo provider for the Mail service you should use with this bundle is For VPN, you can keep using
Please help us making Bitmask better, by testing it and filing any bug reports in [the new issue tracker](
Until the next release, see you on the intertubes, and stay safe.
The Bitmask team.
@title = 'Bitmask for Android is back!'
@author = 'cyberta'
@posted_at = '2017-11-23'
@more = false
Our Android app arose from the mothballs! Bug fixes, security updates, works on tablets, fixed login on 7 and supports Android 4.1 to 8. [Get it now](!
The Bitmask team.
@title = 'Bitmask for Mac
@author = 'kali'
@posted_at = '2017-10-05'
@more = false
After a massive refactor, we have now are happy to release Bitmask for Mac! [Try the beta](
Known issues with state changes and false errors on start up are being fixed.
Please help us making Bitmask better, by testing it and filing any bug reports in [the new issue tracker](
The Bitmask team.
@title = 'Faster sync, faster encryption'
@author = 'drebs'
@posted_at = '2017-09-15'
@more = false
@preview_image = '/img/pages/soledad_benchmarks.png'
We are hard at work improving Bitmask's encryption and synchronization times. Benchmarking is showing excellent results. In order to improve Bitmask's performance for email, recent work on the sync-able and encrypted [Soledad]( data-store has been to adapt it to better handle binary e2e-encrypted data (what we are calling "blobs"). Work in the last months has been in the direction of making the [Soledad]( "blobs" support more reliable, better documented and tested, and to make speed improvements visible.
The [next stable version]( of [Soledad]( will bring full "blobs" support, with transfer and crypto improvements, as well as data persistence guarantees. This will pave the way to modifications needed in Bitmask Mail that will take advantage of this new system, thus improving the overall speed and reliability of the whole server and client-side LEAP mail system.
@title = 'Improving performance of user encrypted data sync'
@author = 'micah'
@posted_at = '2017-04-10'
@more = false
@preview_image = '/img/pages/mozz/logo.png'
## Big thanks to Mozilla Foundation for supporting encrypted email!
We are very excited to have been awarded the MOSS grant [to improve our encryption and syncing library](, [Soledad](, the heart of our encrypted email system. This will help us enhance [Soledad]( to get us needed improvements in efficiency in syncing and encryption.
@title = 'New UI for Bitmask Android VPN Coming soon!'
@author = 'cyberta'
@posted_at = '2017-11-27'
@more = false
@preview_image = '/img/pages/new_android_ui.png'
Have opinions about Android UI? We are updating the UI/UX and will release a new version in 2017. [Chime in on our issue tracker](
The Bitmask team.
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