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@title = 'Bitmask 0.10 released, massive refactor'
@author = 'kali'
@posted_at = '2017-10-04'
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@more = true
We are pleased to announce the Bitmask 0.10 release, codename "la rosa de foc". You can refer to the [changelog]( for all the changes.
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Our Android app arose from the mothballs! Bug fixes, security updates, works on tablets, fixed login on 7 and supports Android 4.1 to 8. [Get it now](!
The Bitmask team.
@title = 'Bitmask for Mac
@author = 'kali'
@posted_at = '2017-10-05'
@more = false
@more = true
After a massive refactor, we have now are happy to release Bitmask for Mac! [Try the beta](
@title = 'Improving performance of user encrypted data sync'
@title = 'Big thanks to the Mozilla Foundation for supporting encrypted email!'
@author = 'micah'
@posted_at = '2017-04-10'
@more = false
@preview_image = '/img/pages/mozz/logo.png'
## Big thanks to Mozilla Foundation for supporting encrypted email!
We are very excited to have been awarded the MOSS grant [to improve our encryption and syncing library](, [Soledad](, the heart of our encrypted email system. This will help us enhance [Soledad]( to get us needed improvements in efficiency in syncing and encryption.
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