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@title = "Report a bug (or a feature request)"
@summary = "How to submit a bug report or a feature request."
Something not working ? You found a bug, or want to propose a feature ?
Here's how you can get involved.
Please refer to the <a class='' href='/docs/platform/troubleshooting/known-issues'>Platform known issues</a> or the <a class='' href='/docs/client/known-issues'>Bitmask client known issues</a> before reporting a bug.
You might want to browse the <a class='' href=''>Bitmask client issues</a> or the <a class='' href=''>Platform issues</a> as well.
## LEAP issue tracker
This is the LEAP <a class='' href=''>LEAP issue stracker</a>.
* <a class='' href=''>Create a new Bitmask client issues</a>
* <a class='' href=''>Create a new Platform issues</a>
Please <a class='' href=''>register</a> before creating new issues.
## Anomymize your logs before pasting them in the LEAP issue tracker
Before you paste your logs you can use our log anonymizing script:
git clone
cd scripts
Edit the script and add your username and domain, then:
./ PATH_TO_LOGFILE > /tmp/LOGFILE.cleaned.log
Please double check before pasting nonetheless!
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