Commit c02e154d authored by Chuck McAndrew's avatar Chuck McAndrew
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update config.toml

parent aebffd7f
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ title = "LEAP Encryption Access Project"
# The URL of your site.
# End your URL with a `/` trailing slash, e.g. ``.
baseurl = "/"
baseurl = ""
# Enter a copyright notice to display in the site footer.
# To display a copyright symbol, type `©`. For current year, type `{year}`.
echo -e "\033[0;32mDeploying updates to GitHub...\033[0m"
#if public exists remove it
if [ -d "public" ]
then rm -rf public
mkdir public
cd public
git init
git remote add origin
git pull origin master
cd ..
# Build the project.
hugo -t academic # if using a theme, replace with `hugo -t <YOURTHEME>`
# Go To Public folder
cd public
# Add changes to git.
git add .
# Commit changes.
msg="rebuilding site `date`"
if [ $# -eq 1 ]
then msg="$1"
git commit -m "$msg"
# Push source and build repos.
git push origin master
# Come Back up to the Project Root
cd ..
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