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changes android version and adds a manual how to add izzysoft's repository to F-Droid app

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......@@ -41,7 +41,8 @@ Bitmask is part of the software developed by the LEAP Encryption Access Project
h2. I found a bug! Now what?
Please report it to us in our [[bug tracker =>]].
Please report bugs for Bitmask running on Linux or Mac OS X to us in our [[bug tracker =>]].
Our bugtracker for Bitmask Android can be found [[here =>]].
h1. Contributions
......@@ -54,3 +55,15 @@ h2. What are the communication channels?
We hang in the #leap channel in <pre></pre>
The public mailing list is There's another mailing list for beta-testers at
You can also write to for general questions.
h2. I would like to test Bitmask Beta for Android without using Google Playstore. How can I do that?
Izzysoft's F-Droid repository contains our Beta releases for Bitmask. You can add that repository to your F-Droid app by doing the followoing steps:
* open your F-Droid app
* navigate to: Settings > Repositories > click on '+'
* add the following url and fingerprint: <pre></pre> <pre>3BF0D6ABFEAE2F401707B6D966BE743BF0EEE49C2561B9BA39073711F628937A</pre>
* if the reposities don't get updated automatically navigate to Updates and pull down the main screen
* you can now search for Bitmask Beta
Alternatively you can download our latest Beta release directly from our [[ download page=> ]].
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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
%b Android
%small Version 0.9.5
%small Version 0.9.7
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