Commit 7f304171 authored by Kali Kaneko's avatar Kali Kaneko

[feat] shrink binaries passing flags to linker

parent 5d992224
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......@@ -47,8 +47,7 @@ get:
build: $(foreach path,$(wildcard cmd/*),build_$(patsubst cmd/%,%,$(path)))
go build -tags $(TAGS) -ldflags "-X main.version=`git describe --tags`" -o $* ./cmd/$*
-# doesn't work for cross compile: @strip $*
go build -tags $(TAGS) -ldflags "-s -w -X main.version=`git describe --tags`" -o $* ./cmd/$*
@mkdir -p build/bin
@mv $* build/bin/
-@rm -rf build/${PROVIDER}/staging && mkdir -p build/${PROVIDER}/staging
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