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[pkg] abort install if we running an old version

stop if:

- bitmask is running (we don't want to mess with the helper if the app
  is running)
- we cannot stop the service for some reason.

powershell gives more flexibility to stop services, but Remove-Service
is not present in PS < 6, so we try to remove the service from the
post-install too (the golang helper will complain about an eventlog
registry key).

this could probably be improved in the helper, but we'll be moving to
the official openvpnserv2 service for 0.21.4. we might want to revisit
the current helper for the firewall/killswitch.
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......@@ -109,21 +109,26 @@ lib/%.a: $(PKGFILES)
@echo "============RELINK VENDOR============="
ifeq ($(UNAME), CYGWIN_NT-10.0)
[ -L providers/assets ] || (CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict ln -s ${PROVIDER}/assets providers/assets)
ifneq ($(UNAME), CYGWIN_NT-10.0)
ifeq ($(PLATFORM), windows)
rm -rf providers/assets
@rm -rf providers/assets || true
ifeq ($(UNAME), MINGW64_NT-10.0)
ifeq ($(VENDOR_PATH), providers)
@cp -r providers/${PROVIDER}/assets providers/assets || true
endif # end mingw
ifeq ($(UNAME), CYGWIN_NT-10.0)
@[ -L providers/assets ] || (CYGWIN=winsymlinks:nativestrict ln -s ${PROVIDER}/assets providers/assets)
endif # end cygwin
else # not windows: linux/osx
ifeq ($(VENDOR_PATH), providers)
@unlink providers/assets || true
@ln -s ${PROVIDER}/assets providers/assets || true
@echo "============RELINK VENDOR============="
build_golib: lib/libgoshim.a
......@@ -210,11 +215,14 @@ else
@cp ${VENDOR_PATH}/assets/icon.ico ${INST_DATA}/icon.ico
@cp ${QTBUILD}/release/${TARGET}.exe ${INST_DATA}${TARGET}.exe
# FIXME get the signed binaries with curl from openvpn downloads page - see if we have to adapt the openvpn-build to install tap drivers etc from our installer.
# FIXME get the signed binaries with curl from openvpn downloads page.
@cp "/c/Program Files/OpenVPN/bin/openvpn.exe" ${INST_DATA}
@cp "/c/Program Files/OpenVPN/bin/"*.dll ${INST_DATA}
ifeq (${RELEASE}, yes)
@windeployqt --release --qmldir gui/qml ${INST_DATA}${TARGET}.exe
@windeployqt --qmldir gui/qml ${INST_DATA}${TARGET}.exe
#@windeployqt --release --qmldir gui/qml ${INST_DATA}${TARGET}.exe
# TODO stage it to shave some time
@wget ${TAP_WINDOWS} -O ${INST_DATA}/tap-windows.exe
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ def getData():
configPath = os.path.join(vendorPath, 'vendor.conf')
if not os.path.isfile(configPath):
print("ERROR: path does not exist", configPath)
config = configparser.ConfigParser()
defaultProvider = getDefaultProvider(config)
......@@ -61,6 +61,9 @@ Component.prototype.createOperations = function ()
if (systemInfo.productType === "osx") {
if (systemInfo.productType === "windows") {
// This will actually install the files
......@@ -80,11 +83,28 @@ Component.prototype.createOperations = function ()
function preInstallWindows() {
console.log("Pre-installation for Windows: check for running bitmask");
"Execute", "{1}", "powershell", "-NonInteractive", "-NoProfile", "-command", "try {Get-Process $BINNAME} catch { exit 1}",
"errormessage=It seems that an old RiseupVPN client is running. Please exit the app and run this installer again.",
/* Remove-Service only introduced in PS 6.0 */
"Execute", "{0}", "powershell", "-NonInteractive", "-NoProfile", "-command",
"try {Get-Service bitmask-helper-v2} catch {exit 0}; try {Stop-Service bitmask-helper-v2} catch {}; try {$$srv = Get-Service bitmask-helper-v2; if ($$srv.Status -eq 'Running') {exit 1} else {exit 0};} catch {exit 0}",
"errormessage=It seems that bitmask-helper-v2 service is running, and we could not stop it. Please manually uninstall any previous RiseupVPN or CalyxVPN client and run this installer again.",
function postInstallWindows() {
// TODO - check if we're on Windows10 or older, and use the needed tap-windows installer accordingly.
console.log("Installing OpenVPN tap driver");
component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "@TargetDir@/tap-windows.exe", "/S", "/SELECT_UTILITIES=1"); /* TODO uninstall? */
console.log("Now trying to install our helper");
component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "@TargetDir@/tap-windows.exe", "/S", "/SELECT_UTILITIES=1"); /* TODO uninstall */
/* remove an existing service, if it is stopped. Remove-Service is only in PS>6, and sc.exe delete leaves some garbage on the registry, so let's use the binary itself */
console.log("Removing any previously installer helper...");
component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "{0,1}", "@TargetDir@/helper.exe", "remove");
console.log("Now trying to install latest helper");
component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "@TargetDir@/helper.exe", "install", "UNDOEXECUTE", "@TargetDir@/helper.exe", "remove");
component.addElevatedOperation("Execute", "@TargetDir@/helper.exe", "start", "UNDOEXECUTE", "@TargetDir@/helper.exe", "stop");
console.log("Adding shortcut entries/...");
......@@ -10,10 +10,11 @@ You should instal: make, wget, as well as a recent Qt5 version (for instance, wi
For the installer, install QtIFW for windows (tested with version 3.2.2).
Assuming you have the vendor path in place and correctly configured, all you need to do is `make build_installer`::
Assuming you have the vendor path in place and correctly configured, all you need to do is `make installer`::
export PATH="/c/Qt/Qt5/bin/":"/c/Qt/QtIFW-3.2.2/bin":$PATH
export VENDOR_PATH=providers
export PROVIDER=riseup
make vendor && make installer
......@@ -57,3 +57,19 @@ Make sure that "pgrep bitmask-helper" does not return any pid.
Now you can move /Applications/RiseupVPN.app to the Trash, and launch a
recent installer to get a clean install.
In Windows you can use PowerShell to see if there's an old service Running (it
can be from RiseupVPN, CalyxVPN, LibraryVPN etc...).
.. code:: powershell
PS C:\Users\admin> Get-Service bitmask-helper-v2
You can also stop it (needs admin)
.. code:: powershell
PS C:\Users\admin> Stop-Service bitmask-helper-v2
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