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add Vagrant note on Ubuntu

Closes leap/platform#8715
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......@@ -431,6 +431,7 @@ To troubleshoot vagrant issues, try going through these steps:
* If that fails, make sure that you can run virtual machines (VMs) in plain virtualbox (Virtualbox GUI or VBoxHeadless).
We don't suggest a special howto for that, [this one]( seems pretty decent, or you follow the [Oracale Virtualbox User Manual]( There's also specific documentation for [Debian]( and for [Ubuntu]( If you succeeded, try again if you now can start vagrant nodes using plain vagrant (see first step).
* If plain vagrant works for you, you're very close to using vagrant with leap! If you encounter any problems now, please [contact us]( or use our [issue tracker](
* The Vagrant on Ubuntu 16.04 has broken support for plugins, you should use the gem or upgrade your distro.
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