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Windows virus galore

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Ran into one of those big fat red warnings when trying to install or download [RiseupVPN]( or Bitmask on Windows or with Google Chrome? Then this post is for you (or your friends). First things first: we're kicking, healthy and alive. Keeping our physical distance at a minimum of 450kms (that's 280 miles)! It might not come as a big surprise, but virus and malware detection isn't a very precise or exact science. The heuristics they use vary a little, but in general, by snooping through all your data (that's why you have one, right?), they somehow have to figure out what malware or a virus is. When they fail to detect it, no one will want to use it again. In practice this means that there are many false positives and alas, it happens too often with our software too even though we're doing our very best to keep you safe!
Why does this happen? Because we favor encryption to some VPN-servers. Because a malicious VPN client (Betternet.Premium) also uses a TAP-driver, guilty by association. Because managing services is something that others already wrote and we re-used NSSM. The heuristics aren't all that great. And because bad luck: removing a single line of code can reduce or augment how many tools think we're evil drastically. It seems to be a little bit of a lottery.
And your job is to get social with us: when Windows asks: "Possible virus! Do you want to report this?" think twice, you should stand with us!
Don't forget to stay safe from your ISP (or neigbor/partner/family/...) and use a trusted VPN provider like [the Calyx Institute]( or [Riseup](
If you want to read more about this:
When you want to help out:
* Code & Bugtracker:
* ♥ donation: <>
* Desktop translations:
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* Mailinglist:
* Chat: ircs:// if you don't have an irc client, you can use a gateway like [Matrix](
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