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# Doing a release
1. Update the [changelog](https://0xacab.org/jvoisin/mat2/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md)
2. Update the version in the [main.py](https://0xacab.org/jvoisin/mat2/blob/master/main.py) file
2. Update the version in the [mat2](https://0xacab.org/jvoisin/mat2/blob/master/mat2) file
3. Update the version in the [setup.py](https://0xacab.org/jvoisin/mat2/blob/master/setup.py) file
4. Commit the changelog and the main.py file
4. Commit the changelog, mat2 and setup.py files
5. Create a tag with `git tag -s $VERSION`
6. Push the tag with `git push --tags`
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