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Fix the testsuite on Python3.8

There is a bug in Python3.8 (
triggering an infinite recursion when copying a tree
in a subfolder of the current one. We're working around it
by using a list instead of an iterator, so that Python
won't "discover" the target folder as part of the source files.

This should fix #130
parent 03f51299
import sys
import random
import os
import shutil
......@@ -258,7 +259,16 @@ class TestCommandLineParallel(unittest.TestCase):
def test_different(self):
shutil.copytree('./tests/data/', './tests/data/parallel')
src = './tests/data/'
dst = './tests/data/parallel'
if sys.version_info >= (3, 8):
with os.scandir(src) as itr:
entries = list(itr)
shutil._copytree(entries=entries, src=src, dst=dst, symlinks=False,
ignore=None, copy_function=shutil.copy2,
shutil.copytree(src, dst)
proc = subprocess.Popen(mat2_binary + glob.glob('./tests/data/parallel/dirty.*'),
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