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Merge branch 'renovate/quasar-app-2.x' into 'develop'

RenovateBot: Update dependency @quasar/app to v2.1.11

See merge request !448
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......@@ -1378,10 +1378,10 @@
resolved ""
integrity sha1-FPzHEqUwA475vhzmlSMVqDn0Zqg=
version "2.1.10"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-GfHR05/BGhfarG+Q4qgZp7c1eaGLU9FiuZ2F/rw7Je6Fo+edI/dPd+bvknW9jokQ2Pk3NLBnA9foPPLPRh7wxg==
version "2.1.11"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-MX01izfk1cAFcRVj4IpU6fneQW14oeq4oAPdCqJDjYY1I1M3kYBFG+WvgfvZJxfTGiaVNP6xKWKkU1wIUNgbIw==
"@quasar/babel-preset-app" "2.0.1"
"@quasar/fastclick" "1.1.4"
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