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Merge branch 'renovate/eslint-6.x' into 'develop'

Update dependency eslint to v6.7.2

See merge request !120
parents 3ddeb949 411bc060
......@@ -5046,10 +5046,10 @@ eslint-visitor-keys@^1.0.0, eslint-visitor-keys@^1.1.0:
resolved ""
integrity sha512-8y9YjtM1JBJU/A9Kc+SbaOV4y29sSWckBwMHa+FGtVj5gN/sbnKDf6xJUl+8g7FAij9LVaP8C24DUiH/f/2Z9A==
version "6.7.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-UWzBS79pNcsDSxgxbdjkmzn/B6BhsXMfUaOHnNwyE8nD+Q6pyT96ow2MccVayUTV4yMid4qLhMiQaywctRkBLA==
version "6.7.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-qMlSWJaCSxDFr8fBPvJM9kJwbazrhNcBU3+DszDW1OlEwKBBRWsJc7NJFelvwQpanHCR14cOLD41x8Eqvo3Nng==
"@babel/code-frame" "^7.0.0"
ajv "^6.10.0"
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