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Merge branch 'renovate/quasar-1.x' into 'develop'

Update dependency quasar to v1.5.4

See merge request !125
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......@@ -11312,10 +11312,10 @@ qs@~6.5.2:
resolved ""
integrity sha512-N5ZAX4/LxJmF+7wN74pUD6qAh9/wnvdQcjq9TZjevvXzSUo7bfmw91saqMjzGS2xq91/odN2dW/WOl7qQHNDGA==
version "1.5.2"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-OcUkk2t7Wbnq+RIro7Vo3LNgkyeBnfcV2mXAJ1PviqezvUtU6vNl5R+IQ8PXsZFRQZqK8KGqueKC8M2kVhsaOQ==
version "1.5.4"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-B3WVyXddjiJ1TpEv/ZTVFoiMSzCgLtIuCA+sXFuPqi8vENWnbmwPRvJPGPaz5ghw1mi+0TAoDL1zKpY2quXjZg==
version "4.3.4"
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