Commit 42480b54 authored by jfriedli's avatar jfriedli
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Merge branch 'renovate/vue-eslint-config-standard-5.x' into 'develop'

Update dependency @vue/eslint-config-standard to v5.0.1

See merge request jfriedli/mat2-quasar-frontend!129
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......@@ -1744,10 +1744,10 @@
source-map "~0.6.1"
vue-template-es2015-compiler "^1.9.0"
version "5.0.0"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-t1mQIqtoQ3FsAx/8RnzT9VCCdbKD0O1pzvVzsN5WrIVIgos5RVII7aSTdh3HjAVn5+UmWLnG/OK+fow4EY7YsA==
version "5.0.1"
resolved ""
integrity sha512-8QHYlaGcO1/0IDe0JpzF6DHsQgzHUCqnrBhsX+Y9NmM81ek5XWrxzKfoMQbNXnvy69D/NzI3+a4incYAR36J0A==
eslint-config-standard "^14.1.0"
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