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[test] allow for shell autocomplete for test names

tox was configured to change to the testing/tests directory before
executing pytest, by using tox's "changedir" configuration option. The
reason why this was the case is that we wanted to discover tests inside
the testing/tests directory only.

The problem with that approach is that if we wanted to point to a
specific test file, for example "tests/perf/test_sync.py", we would have
to omit the "tests" part and write "tox perf/test_sync.py" because the
argument would be understood as relative to the changed dir. That is not
practical as doesn't allow to use the shell autocomplete, and is also
not the only way to achieve what we want.

Actually, pytest has a configuration option called "testpaths" where you
can indicate where it should discover tests. This commit changes one
approach by the other and allows to user shell autocomplete for easyness
of testing during development.
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