1. 06 Sep, 2018 7 commits
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      office: try all members, even when one fails · 1d7e374e
      dkg authored
      the end result will be the same -- an abort -- but the user will get
      to see all the warnings for a particular file, instead of getting them
      one at a time.
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      document all unknown/unhandlable files even on abort · 915dc634
      dkg authored
      This makes it easy to get a list of all files that mat2 doesn't know
      how to handle, without having to choose -u keep or -u omit.
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      add --unknown-members argument to mat2 · 10d60bd3
      dkg authored
      This allows the user to make use of parser.unknown_member_policy for
      archive formats.
      At the suggestion of @jvoisin, it also prints a scary warning if the
      user explicitly chooses 'keep'.
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      office: create policy for what to do about unknown members · 4192a2da
      dkg authored
      previously, encountering an unknown member meant that any parser of
      this type would abort.
      now, the user can set parser.unknown_member_policy to either 'omit' or
      'keep' if they don't want the current action of 'abort'
      note that this causes pylint to complain about branching depth for
      remove_all() because of the nuanced error-handling.  I've disabled
      this check.
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