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Commit 48cf7801 authored by Chirayu Desai's avatar Chirayu Desai
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Add changelog for the June build - 2.6.1

Change-Id: Id0102292c7a4bb14a80d9a26be20ff852793e12e
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* CalyxOS 2.6.1 - Android 11
* June Security update and Feature drop (2021-06-05)
* Work profile v2: Big improvements to work profile creation, resolving issues with certain essential system apps not being enabled in the profile, not being able to see work profile apps in the recent screen, and work needed to support future work profile features.
* For the best experience, we would recommend deleting any profiles you created in the May build and starting over with a fresh new profile.
* Enable SeedVault backups for work profile, from Settings (in the main user) -> System -> Backup -> Work. Do note that USB is not available in work profiles due as Android does not support that.
* Handle microG better in work profile, enabling / disabling all of it's companion apps as needed.
* Firewall (Datura): Support work profile apps, improve icon and fix sorting of apps.
* AMOLED dark mode, aka pure black background for dark theme. Enable at Settings -> Display -> Dark theme -> Pure black
* Network traffic monitor feature, which shows network traffic indication in the status bar. Enable from Settings -> System -> Status bar -> Network traffic monitor
* Status bar icon configuration, allowing you to choose what to show. Configure in Settings -> System -> Status bar -> System icons
* Use rounded corners in the system where appropriate.
* Include a Maps app in the OS, Organic Maps. You can install it from F-Droid
* Bring in the Recorder app from LineageOS, allowing you to create sound recordings.
* F-Droid: Handle Trichrome updates better, fixing an issue with Trichrome Library updates where they would always show up as an update even after updating.
* Dialer: Use a restrictive WebView for Menu -> Helplines links, which clears it's history when you're done to avoid leaving any traces. Also add additional categories for the helplines.
* Panic trigger (Ripple): This will no longer show up as an update in Aurora Store
* Music (Eleven): Bug fixes and performance improvements
* You can also create screen recordings using the built-in recorder from the quick settings (what you see down the status bar)
* microG: Implement Font provider to support more applications, such as Google Fi
* microG: Update to v0.2.19.211515
* Chromium: Switch to 64-bit builds on all devices.
* Chromium: Update 91.0.4472.88
* Updates for all other included apps.
* Updated translations for all apps, and the OS.
A2 Firmware is from September 2020 since upgrading to versions after that
requires a factory reset.
Pixel 2:
Google has stopped updating this device. This means that
they will not provide any more updates to the closed-source components,
such as the bootloader, modem firmware, and other firmware.
However, updates to the open source OS code and the Linux kernel
can still be merged by us, and are included in this build.
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